Halal Meat Company brings the halal meat butcher store experience to you via our website.  Our goal is to deliver high quality fresh, never frozen, halal meat needs to your doorstep.  We want to eliminate the hassle of long trips to the butcher shop without eliminating the choices available by visiting a butcher shop.  With local meat shops they order in bulk and sometimes are not able to sell all of the fresh meat within the freshness timeline resulting in back room storage and frozen items market.  At Halal Meat Company only order and prepare what you order so our selection of meats is always fresh.  We strive to receive, prepare and deliver your meat on the same day. Hence our logo “Quality Halal Meat Delivered”.  Meat and Grocery shopping is a repetitive task that takes out quality time out of our evenings and weekends, with our recall previous order feature you will save even more time to place your order in just a few clicks.


Our Halal Commitment

We strive to be a positive part of our community.  We only serve local Halal Meat products.  All of our suppliers are certified by local Halal Authorities.  We invite all customers to visit our supplier meat plants. Please contact us via email or phone for any questions.

Our Operating Hours



Phone: +61 470 432 961

[email protected]